Ta'awun Trust Charitable Dispensary (Annual Report)

Ta'awun Trust Charitable Dispensary (Annual Report)

R-282, Gali No. 7, Zakir Nagar, New Delhi-110025
This is a well known fact that the medical services provided by the Government, local bodies and to a nominal extent by the NGOs in India leave a wide gap between supply and demand ratio.

In order to provide voluntary and highly subsidized medical health care services for the poorest of the poor in general and Muslim concentrated pockets in particular, Ta’awun Trust has taken an initiative and set up a charitable dispensary in Zakir Nagar locality of New Delhi.

This dispensary was inaugurated by Mrs. Sheila Dikshit Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi on 28th June 2004. 
Speaker, Mrs. Sheila Dikshit Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi,
from right to left on the stage Dr. Uma Goyal, Prof. Z.M. Khan,
Dr. M. Manzoor Alam (Chairman), Dr. Ishtiyaque Danish 

 During this short period of about two years the dispensary has earned very good reputation. In this period dispensary has treated 15320 fifteen thousand three hundred twenty Patients. The area is dominated by about 95% Muslims where dispensary is situated. Mostly Muslim Patients are coming and taking advantage of the dispensary. Most of the Patients are Labourer, Rickshaw Puller, Vegetable vendor and trade men. These population have come from different part of the country to Delhi in search of their livelihood and settled around Zakir Nagar and other part of Delhi. The publicity of the dispensary is through word mouth by Patients and their relatives. These Patients are extremely poor and they can not afford treatment from any other source.
The month wise details of patients received treatment last two years are as under: 
 S.no       Month Number of Patients in the year 2004-2005Number of Patients in the year 2005-2006
 1 April 1092
 2 May  - 1171
 3 june - 1073
 4 july 1592 1236
 5 August 1344 1460
 6 September 1584 1040
 7 October 1742 450
 8 November 1346 918
 9 December 1175 838
 10 January 1000 635
 11 February 1024 760
 12 March 1177 916
  Total No. of beneficiaries: 11984 11589
A few instant interviews has been taken from the following Patients, present in the dispensary which as under:

Mrs. Nikhat Parveen, resident at A-2, Qadri Masjid, Zakir Nagar, states that whenever anybody fell ill from our family they come to this dispensary. When she was asked whether Patients of your family gets relief from the medicine of the dispensary or not. She reply was if no relief why should we always come here.
Mrs. Choti, resident at street No. 7, Zakir Nagar, her husband is vegetable vendor says that some time we think to sell of house and go to some other place in Delhi but when think that such dispensary facilities will not be available in there place. We dropped our ideas of migrating from here only for sake of this dispensary.
Mr. Salauddin, Q-13 Batal House, states that my son got headache from a long time, I got him treated at deferent doctors but in last stage I got relief from this dispensary. I am Retd. Man and I am not able to spent a large money in our son’s treatment. This an opportunity for locality in only 5 Rupees I got consultancy by MBBS/Specialists doctors and medicines also.
Mr. Zahid Ali, resident the same area, he says he continue his and his family members treatment in this dispensary from starting with full satisfaction. Further he says the doctors of this dispensary very qualified.
Mrs. Anisa Iqbal, resident 22 No. street, Zakir Nagar, we got all medicines for Rupees 5/- only and we avail the facilities of specialist doctors also.
It is known that the Rupees 5/- which taken as registration fee from the Patients on every visit. First time registration of the new Patients chargeable Rs. 10/- one time only. The amount which receive from the patients are spent for the dispensary expenditures.

The dispensary medical and para-medical staffs are as under:

Four specialist doctors Gynecologist, ENT, T.B. and General Physician
One G.D. Medical officer (Lady)
One Nurse
One Compounder
Office Assistance
Female Sweeper
One Driver