Ramadhan 2017 Appeal

Ramadhan 2017 Appeal


You know that the holy month of Ramdhan, with all its blessings, will begin from May 27/28 in the Subcontinent. One out of the many blessings it brings is that the reward from God that every good deed fetches is 70 times greater than at any time in the 11 months of the year other than Ramdhan. That is why this opportunity is ceased by Muslims to do welfare work with greater zeal. This includes providing iftaar for people observing fast.

This is why Ta'awun Trust has been organising iftaar parties and presenting gifts to Muslims every Ramdhan.

In the light of its earlier experiences, availability of volunteers and their strong enthusiasm, Ta'awun Trust is expanding its work from the coming Ramdhan and is organising a month-long programme of providing iftaar kits to persons on fast. These kits will contain dates, pouches / bottles of water and fruit juice packets.

These kits will be provided at public places, mainly to poor people, but also to other rozedaar who may not reach their homes in time for breaking fast. The kits will begin to be distributed ten minutes before sunset and continue till after 15 minutes of sunset.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, "If someone offers iftaar to someone observing Ramdhan fast, it will become a source of release of his neck from fire (of hell) and that person will get 
as much reward as the one on fast, and there will be no deduction from the rozedar's reward."

We, therefore, request every philanthropic person to participate in this programme. A single kit would cost (including transportation, token remuneration to volunteers and other incidentals) Rs 50 each. We plan to distribute 500 kits every day.

Thankfully, we are covered under Section 80 G of Income Tax law and your contribution will be exempt from tax.

We will appreciate a timely response as we are already close to the holy month of Ramdhan.


Ramadhan 2017 Appeal